Request for testing / RCSwitch Release Candidate 1.3

Hi there,

I’ve refactored the RCSwitch library regarding the use of String types. All String type variables are changed to char arrays and in this way the compiled sketch (and hopefully also the memory usage) is much smaller than before. I’ve tested it with my DIP switch configured outlets and it worked fine while having a compiled size of only 5296 bytes instead of 7524 before. Also now it works more or less with Ardumote on a Duemilanove.

You can do me a favour and test it and post your result in the forum 🙂 Especially if you are using this library with TypeC_Intertechno or TypeA_TypeB_WithRotaryOrSlidingSwitches outlets.

Download here

Thanks a lot


8 Gedanken zu “Request for testing / RCSwitch Release Candidate 1.3

  1. Thanks for that library, I’m using it to extend a home automation system. Great stuff. I’ll try the new update (my outlets have rotary switches) and report back.

      • rc1.31 receive demo works like charm 😉 MANY thanks!!!
        But the included webserver demo does not compile:
        Webserver.pde:-1: error: cannot declare parameter ‚c‘ to be of abstract type ‚Client‘
        E:\arduino-1.0\hardware\arduino\cores\arduino/Client.h:7: note: because the following virtual functions are pure within ‚Client‘:

      • Suuuuuuuper! Dankeschön!!!
        Frage: würdest du grundsätzlich 3 funktionen einbinden um den HomeCode, Switchcode und SwitchState direkt auszulesen??

      • arduino 1.0 with rc1.31: after the first transmit tristate command, the arduino does not response anymore.

  2. Hi! I’d like to refer to your RC-Switch library in my bachelors thesis about Wireless Smarthome systems. Since I want to make it complete, I wondered which name you’d like me to use to cite you or if you prefer no name and just a link to the website.

    Thanks for your great library by the way, it works great in my system! 🙂

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