Introducing CRON, SUNRISE and SUNSET

This new feature allows you to trigger events at certain times. The syntax for crons is
[CRON:year,month,day,hour,minute,dayofweek:trigger], you can use an asterisk as wildcard and for example if you want to trigger an event every day at 13:15 you need to write [CRON:*,*,*,13,15,*:trigger] into the IF section of that event.

With SUNRISE and SUNSET you can trigger events at… well… sunrise and sunset 🙂
As sunrise and sunset times are depending on your location you need to pass your geo coordinates. For example Hamburg is located at 53.55N, 9.99E and the sunrise/sunset triggers are like [SUNRISE:53.55,9.99:trigger] and [SUNSET:53.55,9.99:trigger]

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