Calunium: Atmega1284 Arduino clone

A lot of us know this issue. The Atmega328 as used by Arduino Uno has too less SRAM, the Atmega2560 as used by Aruino Mega is not availabe as a DIP package and thus not really handy for do it yourself soldering. This is where the Atmega1284 comes into play. It is available as a DIP-40 package has twice as much RAM as the 2560 and costs only about 7 EUR.

Steve Marple has developed the Arduino compatible Calunium board and shared the PCB layout as open source. Cool stuff, thank you Steve 🙂

I’ve ordered a couple of these boards manufactured by iteadstudio three weeks ago and they arrived yesterday. As I don’t need all of them you can have one for 5 EUR (including shipping), just drop me a message.
mailto: s{at}sui{dot}li

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